About Jeremys Garden

I am grateful for the overwhelming enthusiasm that “Jeremy’s Garden” has received, and that I now have the opportunity to see it manufactured. Through ministry connections, I have been presented with the possibility of using “Jeremy’s Garden” as a tool to help rebuild an industry in a recovering, post-earthquake Haiti. As a sewing project it will teach Haitian workers much needed job skills as well as to help these workers regain employment. It also will give these people a sense of pride and self-sufficiency. By using these Haitian workers, we will be implementing a “new” industry and getting “Jeremy’s Garden” on the way to mass production!


Some of the learning features included in “Jeremy’s Garden” are
· Introduction to counting, colors, and the alphabet
· A success oriented program employing large and small manipulatives to build your child’s motor coordination
· A literature connection for emergent readers through poetry
· Introduction to new vocabulary
· Learning to follow directions
· Gaining knowledge of how vegetables and fruits grow



“Jeremy’s Garden” is designed to help busy parents or involved grandparents give their children a head start in the learning process.  It provides parents with a structured approach to an important one- on- one interface with their children.  Busy parents often do not have the time to develop an organized learning technique like this, so we’ve done it for you!  This is a beautifully illustrated, visual and tactical stimulating children’s learning system. 



The system consists of two parts:  (1) a washable, soft cotton fabric book with vibrantly colored embroidered learning elements on each page, and (2) an instructional guide book that provides a well thought-out learning approach to aid parents, grandparents, or teachers who wish to introduce their children to the essence of learning.



Primary target age for this system is ages 3 – 7 years of age.  This simple approach is easy to use and will aid those who want to provide their children with a jump on today’s educational system, while at the same time creating a quality parent/child interface.

Jeremy's Garden

Toys that talk to your child, provide music or colored lights and shapes without your personal involvement, definitely provide some stimulation, but this book, in addition, enhances connection between parent and child or grandparent and child.

Jeremy’s Garden A Children’s Learning System